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Alligator Mini With Collector - ZoeKitchen
Alligator Mini With Collector - ZoeKitchen

Alligator Mini With Collector

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Why use the old and manual method of chopping your garlic and onions when you can save your time and effort in the kitchen?

The Alligator Mini Chopper offers you a simpler and more convenient way to finely chop your garlic and onions. Your prepping process in the kitchen can be reduced to half with this handy gadget.

All you need to do is simply place your ingredient in the centre and press the cutting grid down. You can also use the transparent collector to collect the chopped ingredients in one spot.

It's so easy and so convenient to use!

Cuts and cubes food measuring 3 x 3mm
Ideal to chop garlic, onions, chili peppers, and other small vegetables
Stainless steel chopper blade
Transparent collector and body of the choppy is made from quality plastic material
Collector gathers the chopped bits together
Designed in Sweden
BPA free
Food safe
Dishwasher safe