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Avanti 17cm Rough Green Mortar & Pestle - ZOES Kitchen

Avanti 17cm Rough Green Mortar & Pestle

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It?s been a tough and tiring day, and now you have to make dinner! Looks like it?s time to get brutal and give your food a pounding?

The Crush ?N? Grind Mortar & Pestle from Avanti is the best way to get the full flavour from your ingredients when you?re cooking. Made from solid granite, the set features a heavy mortar basin and rounded pestle both featuring smooth surfaces perfect for crushing and mixing.

It?s easy ? just place your fresh ingredients in the mortar and pound them to a pulp with the pestle! Throw in some chilli, coriander, lime and salt for a zingy dressing, or prepare your own spicy curry pastes from scratch. By crushing your herbs and spices with the Crush ?N? Grind, you can release their full flavour and add a unique touch to your cooking.

There?s no need to be lily-livered in the kitchen, from now on you can show your food who?s the boss!

Mortar and Pestle features:
Made from solid granite.
Unpolished rough exterior and smooth interior.
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Diameter: 17cm.
Height: 12cm.