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Avanti Low Profile Mortar And Pestle 20cm - Black - ZOES Kitchen

Avanti Low Profile Mortar And Pestle 20cm - Black

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The Avanti Low Profile Mortar and Pestle 20cm Black is the perfect shallow pair to crush and grind spices, herbs and nuts to a powder or paste, bringing out the best flavour while retaining the purest characteristics of the ingredients. The weight of the solid granite pestle takes much of the effort out of pounding into the mortar (bowl). The smooth outside of the bowl and grip of the pestle have been polished to a smooth, glossy black while the grinding surfaces are left in a coarse condition to assist the grind.
So if you've graduated from packaged spice powders to grinding your own peppercorns, cloves, cumin, coriander seeds, cinnamon and more, make the lasting choice with this practical and attractive mortar and pestle.

Key Features:
Made from solid granite
Measures 20cm in diameter with an inner height of 7cm
Polished exterior and hand grip
Angled top