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HackIt Kitchen Utensil - Black - ZOES Kitchen

HackIt Kitchen Utensil - Black

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Creating the perfect minced meat dish greatly depends on how you break apart the tasty morsels of meat to brown and seal in its natural flavoursome juices. Using the clever black Hackit Kitchen Chopping Utensil, you will never have lumpy, unappealing chunks of mince in your pasta sauce again. And thanks to its versatile and heat-resistant features, you can also use it for crushing biscuits for desserts or stirring scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Key Features:
Innovative kitchen utensil for cooking and baking made of food-grade polyamide
Propeller-shaped blades help in making quick minced meat, crushed biscuits, or mash frozen fruit or vegetables
Comes with a sturdy handle with a comfortable grip and a flat end so you can keep it standing upright until you are ready to chop or mash
Withstands heat up to 210C and will not scrape or damage your non-stick pots or pans
Easy-to-clean and portable chopper that also fits in any kitchen drawer
Perfect for making lump-free sauces, chili con carne, cheesecake crust, mashed potatoes, burger mix, meat pies, and more